Pavlova from a distance

If in doubt, here at BMNB, I go with Pavlova: Okay, not bad. But the interesting thing is how far away I was. This next photo, done about a minute later to emphasise this, shows that we are actually way down Victoria Street, next to House of Fraser, quite a bit further away than, say, … Continue reading Pavlova from a distance

Pavlova reflected … twice … and now here

One of the things I have learned from my stats page, which has been operating since the end of April of this year, is that quite a few of the people who come here like to rootle around in the archives. This makes sense. Much of goes up here doesn’t date. A pretty photo is … Continue reading Pavlova reflected … twice … and now here

Pavlova dances – backed by a line of cranes

From 2014. Cranes, having spent the day transforming the top end of Victoria Street, relax by going out dancing with Pavlova: The statue is carefully contrived to look beautiful. The cranes are just cranes. No aesthetics went into them at all. Yet they look beautiful also. Spot the traffic light.

Pavlova in front of “Portland House”

Yesterday I was in Victoria Station, and as I emerged from it into … that mess of activity outside the front entrance, I noticed that the light seemed particularly appealing. At first what got my attention was the combined effect of the mess in the foreground, in the dark, and the assorted Medium Sized Things … Continue reading Pavlova in front of “Portland House”

Nova behind Pavlova

Another day doing Other Things, another evening getting ever more tired, and wondering what to put here. When in doubt … Pavlova: I didn’t know whether to pick that, or this closer-up version, so I show both: Behind Pavlova is Nova. Did they call it Nova to rhyme? While I’m in this directory, here’s the … Continue reading Nova behind Pavlova

Pavlova dances on a sign and next to a clock

Once more I find myself at tomorrow morning, without a posting here. However, as luck would have it, I was photoing Pavlova today, my two favourites being this … : … , and this: The sign. The clock. Originally posted at Brian Micklethwait’s Old Blog

Pavlova is back

I had a nice surprise today. As time passes, the number of places I can buy the Gramophone and the BBC Music Mag keeps on diminishing, one of the few that remains being W.H.Smith in Victoria Station. It was once again a beautifully lit late afternoon, and when I stepped outside the station concourse, I … Continue reading Pavlova is back

Pavlova reflected in double glazing

Or so I assume. I can’t think what else might have created this effect: Yes, it’s quota photo time, and that Pavlova statue on top of the Victoria Palace Theatre never fails to charm. I took lots of similarly double glazed photos of Pavlova at the time I took this one, this one being my … Continue reading Pavlova reflected in double glazing

Two more Pavlova pictures

Indeed. On the same day, March 10th of this year, that I took this, I also took these: That concrete building already looks very different, and the numerous photo opportunities supplied by trees in March are all ruined by leaves. I hate leaves. All over London there are great views, totally ruined by leaves. Originally … Continue reading Two more Pavlova pictures

Pavlova with a new building and a passing bus

Late this afternoon I went walkabout near to where I live, and in particular to photo my local ballerina, at the top end of Victoria Street. There’s lots of building going on around her, so the nearby and behind scenery keeps changing. My favourite shot of her today was this: At the time, that bus … Continue reading Pavlova with a new building and a passing bus