Welcome to Brian Micklethwait’s New Blog

Yes, welcome.

I’ve already shovelled quite a few postings from the old blog to here (see below), and I now intend that many more will follow (so that if I refer back to an old posting, you won’t have to be bothering with the old blog). But as of today, that old blog stops getting any new stuff, and this is where I’ll be doing all my personal blogging from now on.

The old blog didn’t completely collapse, but as the subtitle of this blog says, it stopped working properly. I was still able to do postings there. But, among many other defects and difficulties, the commenting system went to hell, as all those who stuck with that old blog will surely have been noticing for quite a while. Basically, any comment of any sort, whether authentic or from a spamster, triggered an army of sex-obsessed robot commenters, who just commented away for ever until I expunged it all. That definitely shouldn’t now be happening here. So, feel free to add your truly authentic comments now, on this or any other posting here (including on any of the old postings copied across), as and when you feel inclined.

There’s lots else I could be saying in this first real posting here, but all of that can wait, other than the one thing which I really must say now. Which is: deepest thanks to my friend Michael Jennings, who set this blog up for me. All errors of taste here are my fault rather than his, and in general, I didn’t make it easy for him. But he has made it all a lot easier for me. And I trust, for you.

Welcome to my new virtual home.

11 thoughts on “Welcome to Brian Micklethwait’s New Blog”

  1. Good.
    I thought the old blog having a spaz every (rare) time I commented was my fault somehow.
    So thank you Michael for the new setup.
    Also while I’m here, if you two ever do any podcasting again, I will listen to it.

  2. Rob

    Yes, good. I am still feeling my way into the new commenting system. Does the fact that I just “approved” your comment mean that from now on, your comments will go up automatically? Don’t know. Michael is away in foreign parts just now. Meanwhile, another comment from you, however terse and cryptic, would be a help to clarify that.

    I am now doing regular podcasting with Patrick Crozier (https://croziervision.podbean.com), which I find very helpful (basically to ensure I don’t just forget interesting questions (like: What were the Brits thinking when they plunged into WW!? (WW1 being a PCro speciality)), although goodness knows what anyone else makes of it. Maybe with Michael too, again, at some point.

    Anyway, thanks for the encouraging words. And strongly agreed: thanks Michael, again.

  3. Michael is back in London on May 13. I suspect that the comment approval system and other things will be looked at shortly after that.

  4. Patrick

    I fear you will be bombarded with lots of cross-postings from the old blog, which I am shovelling into here at what may become an increasing rate, as I get into the swing of it.

    But yes, excellent.

  5. Took me a while to get back but here I am testing that comment approval system.
    I have listened to the croziervision podcasts and like them too.

  6. The comment approval / spam reduction settings are clearly presently too strict and need to be adjusted. I will chat to Brian and then finesse them to something a little less intrusive soon after I get home. I therefore wouldn’t worry too much about the present settings.

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