Invisible Oscar

Oscar, the cat of GodDaughter2’s parental home down in the South of France, is a favourite object of photographic devotion here, and on the right there, the latest Oscar photo, from GD2D, showing him in one of his favourite resting places. One of the many malfunctions of the Old Blog was that if I wasn’t … Continue reading Invisible Oscar

Oscar on roof patrol

Friday being my day for non-human creatures, Good Friday is a good day for a good non-human creature. So here, again, is Oscar: Master of all he surveys, in a small town in the South of France, at the top of the home of GodDaughter2’s parents. My thanks to GD2D (her dad) for the above … Continue reading Oscar on roof patrol

The ups and downs of Oscar

If you type “Oscar” into the bit under where it says “SEARCH” on the left, you will find your way to lots of good photos of Oscar, the cat of GodDaughter2’s family who live in the South of France. Where they are now stuck. This latest incoming photo of Oscar (thank you GD2D) is not … Continue reading The ups and downs of Oscar

Oscar yawns

My favourite cat, Oscar, is the cat housed and maintained by GodDaughter2’s family, down in the south of France. Search for Oscar on the left there, and you’ll encounter several other postings featuring Oscar, as well as postings that refer to such persons as Oscar Wilde. Here, from GD2’s Dad, is the latest Oscar photo. … Continue reading Oscar yawns

Oscar looks down on his neighbours

GodDaughter2’s Dad recently sent another photo of their cat Oscar, displaying his lack of any fear of heights: And also, in this case, his desire to keep an eye on other cats in the neighbourhood. Photo taken by GD2D from a nearby balcony. On the left, the original photo that incame. On the right, a … Continue reading Oscar looks down on his neighbours

Woodcat and Oscar

Am I becoming a cat lady in my old age? Probably. Although it may be more that, as I get older, I become less bothered about pretending not to be a cat lady, having always been one. That’s Oscar, and a wooden cat, photoed just as I was about to leave GodDaughter2’s family in the … Continue reading Woodcat and Oscar

Oscar on high

Incoming from GodDaughter2’s Dad: It’s a cat called Oscar, on a roof. But photo any creature from that low angle and it acquires a dignity and even a spot of master-of-all-he-surveys grandeur that it would otherwise not exude. I took a few photos of Oscar on that roof when I was there in the south … Continue reading Oscar on high

Meeting Oscar again

One of the first things I did in France, after I got off the plane and had been driven by my hosts to their home, was to meet up with Oscar again. Remember Oscar? Oscar is the cat, who got lost and found, partly thanks to the photos I took of him, but mostly because … Continue reading Meeting Oscar again

Photos of Oscar

My friends in Brittany have a new cat: Oscar. (He replaces this cat.) I, of course, took many photos. I like these ones: And I like this one best of all: Oscar has reached the stage in life where he is still a kitten in his behaviour, but not any longer in his appearance. Sort … Continue reading Photos of Oscar

Cardboard face

It’s a common experience. I’m making absolutely no claim to originality here. We humans regularly see faces where we know, even as we see these faces, that there are no real faces to be seen. Yet, we see them: That is one of the bits of cardboard I photoed for that earlier cardboard-v-polystyrene packaging posting. … Continue reading Cardboard face