Another SF movie gadget at the Marsden

Yes, yet another big gadget in the Royal Marsden (see also this amazing piece of kit) that makes you think you are in a science fiction movie:

I photoed this photo quite a while back now. What, I wondered at the time, is that for? I chalked it up as yet another mystery I would never fathom, but then I realised there might be some words on it that I could then ask the Internet about. So it proved:

And here it is. Siemens again. Very big in cancer machines, it would seem.

Here is my favourite bit of verbiage at the other end of that link:

Counterbalanced, isocentric design helps saving time and dose und supersedes readjustments by virtually unlimited projection possibilities with 190° orbital rotation.

It’s the “und” that I especially like. They got the first and right, but fluffed the second one. If you don’t believe me, go there und see it for yourself.

3 thoughts on “Another SF movie gadget at the Marsden”

  1. I was once tempted to buy a German-origin road map in Lidl, just because it had on it something named the “Isle of Men” – if only I’d carried a camera, I could have photoed it.

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      In other words, what the French menu was offering was, or had resembled before being sliced, a lot of balls.
      I once saw a menu which assured me that their steak was the best quality Aberdeen Anus.

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