Vauxhall views two decades apart

In 2000, I was mostly using my very first digital camera, a Minolta Dimage, to photo people, but I did also photo a few buildings, such as these ones. This is Vauxhall, seen from downstream:

And here are the same buildings, with recent additions and subtractions, as best I could find in my more recent photographic efforts, in 2020:

The two spots I was standing at are by no means identical. Different bridges, I’m pretty sure. And the angle is somewhat different. But, I hope you get the pictures.

The trick of photoing buildings, for me, is to focus not so much on the unchanging monuments, but for me somehow to divine which architectural scenes are about to change.

Failing that, as I typically do, I need to get lucky. And I got lucky-ish with these.

Cropping was involved to create both of the above images.

One thought on “Vauxhall views two decades apart”

  1. I really like Camelford House, 89 Albert Embankment, which is the early 60s office building at the bottom of the tall tower on the left of the lower image. It is not listed, though is seen by Lambeth Council as making a positive contribution to Albert Embankment Conservation area. Its environs could do with some sprucing up but I really hope it survives the ongoing redevelopment in the area. As you can see from the brand new tall building now rising above it, that style was very influential in a lot of modern London architecture and I think a representative portion of it should be preserved.

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