A flash photo of Stephen Davies

I just spent all my blogging time on another Samizdata posting, about Stephen Davies, the historian, who works for the Institute of Economic Affairs.

I included this photo in that posting:

I took this photo with my very first digital camera, a Minolta Dimage EX.

I chose this camera because it offered the strange – then or since then – feature that you could separate its flash … thingy, from the bit of the camera that did the actual photoing. I had to have flash, because indoor photoing of the people I wanted to photo without flash just did not then work. Direct in-your-face flash was a feature of photo-portraiture at that time, and not in a good way. But with my Minolta Dimage EX, I could hold the lens out to the left, at the other end of a length of wire, and thus light my victim not from head on. I could shift the shadow from directly behind to off to the side, as in the above photo of Steve Davies.

I still have this old Minolta, somewhere. I must dig it out, and photo it. But not tonight. Tonight, early (ish) bed. Tomorrow, a party, for which I am very late with the preparations. So, that is all.

Originally posted at Brian Micklethwait’s Old Blog

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