One phone call

Alexander Larman writes, in The Critic, about the catalytic phone call, from a movie maker to a writer, that resulted in Goodfellas getting made, thirty years ago:

Scorsese told Pileggi, “I’ve been waiting for this book my entire life”, to which the understandably overwhelmed writer replied, “I’ve been waiting for this phone call my entire life.”

Good to see The Critic getting noticed by Instapundit, which is how I came across this.

One thought on “One phone call”

  1. I certainly remember seeing Goodfellas in the cinema when it first came out. Yes, Scorsese was considered a bit of a has-been at the time, and wow, just wow.

    And hilariously, Dances with Wolves won Best Picture at the Oscars over Goodfellas. And even more hilariously, Kevin Costner won Best Director over Martin Scorsese.

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