E-tricycle with dog compartment

Michael Jennings reckoned I’d like this vehicle. …:

… and he is not wrong.

Although, a lot of the value of this e-trike is lost because of the presence of the dog compartment. That makes it bulky, and hard to fold up and hard to carry and store, thus losing one of the major features of smaller e-scooters. So, this thing may not catch on widely. The cost of it – £1,426.75 from Amazon – also seems excessive.

Besides which, most dogs of my acquaintance are obsessed with physical exercise, to the point where they themselves could surely be used as a power source.

Cats, on the other hand …

3 thoughts on “E-tricycle with dog compartment”

  1. The “color” is nice, pretty much exactly the same as the pink around my postings. But I don’t think that’s what I especially like.

    More generally, I like the sense of all the experimentation going on with these sorts of machines. Reminds me of how cars were just over a hundred years ago, when they were still trying to work out where to put the accelerator, the brake, and so on. They weren’t even sure what a steering wheel was.

    But, maybe the current bog-standard e-scooter, the one that looks exactly like an old-school scooter like kids have long had, is already a new standard. And this contraption is already a fossil, a sort of relic of the age of very early e-things. Maybe that’s what I like about this weird device.

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