Staircases, big red numbers, and … trees!

My evening just got a bit more complicated, me having just been invited to what sounds like a rather enticing event. So, quota photo time:

That was photoed on the same photo-expedition as those other sixteen tree photos that I showed you yesterday, and photoed after all the other ones had been. And look, trees! So I called it “TreesInMarch2020-17.jpg”, the earlier ones being TreesInMarch2020-01.jpg to TreesInMarch2020-16.jpg. Which worked out well.

The building we are looking at is to be seen from the downstream half of the two spikey footbridges, the ones with railways in between, and looking towards the north side of the River, past Embankment Tube. I keep meaning to track down exactly what building it is, who lives there, works there, etc. But a rule of blogging is: if you can’t say everything, something will suffice, especially if you are a trivia blogger, as I mostly am.

I especially like the big red numbers.

One thought on “Staircases, big red numbers, and … trees!”

  1. Brian, I’m really intrigued by this picture. From your description of where this building is it should be Embankment Place, the big arched building over Charing Cross Station, which is one of PWC’s two main London offices. And the big red numbers would be right as they have numbers like that on the glass partitions of the internal meeting rooms. However I can’t for the life of me work out where in the facade the stairwell in your photo would be visible from. Am I right that it is the big arched building over the station or were you facing in a different direction?

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