The things you learn from lurking on Twitter …


The most interesting thing about Apsley House, former home of the Duke of Wellington, is that there’s a massive naked statue of Napoleon at the bottom of the stairs.

It’s huge apparently, over eleven feet tall. Official Apsley House website here.

And no, he does not look like Danny de Vito at all. All that hooey about Napoleon being small, “Napoleon complex”, etc. is indeed hooey. (Can’t remember where or when I read this, but I did.)

One thought on “The things you learn from lurking on Twitter …”

  1. Jeez, who knew?

    Wife and I were at Apsley last April doing the whole tourista Canadiensis trip, I saw the thing, dismissed and ignored it. Romans do the whole nekkid dude thing better and I was tired of it. Didn’t even read the plaque, if any.

    So, the thing is far, far and further away ever from being the most interesting thing at Apsley.

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