Laughing at the plague


Last night on our live stream we made some jokes about the Corona Virus. Now some people are upset.

We would like to apologise sincerely to anyone who might have been given the impression by our comments that we care in any way about you being offended. We don’t. Have a nice day

I am offended by the lack of a full stop at the end of that. I think it was this:

The Corona Virus is so toxic it’s probably a Straight White Male.

This is a podcast, and now they are talking about tattoos, like they are both Theodore Dalrymple. They sound like two old geeezers. But they are young. Oh, now they just made a crack about someone designing a virus that only wipes out old people. That’s me told. I am offended.

Corona says:

Everyone stop fucking asking us about the virus.

Says commenter Alan:

It’s okay, they’re rebranding:

I find all this very, very offensive. And quite funny.

As I recall Dame Edna Everage once upon a time saying:

I’ve always had the ability to laugh at the misfortunes of others.

Haven’t we all. No question mark there, because it’s not a question.

2 thoughts on “Laughing at the plague”

  1. Danny

    It’s rather funny quote said by someone else, merely quoted by me, which accurately describes one of the many things that people laugh at. “Dame Edna” (as enacted by Barry Humphries) was proud of saying this about herself. I merely note that I do this myself from time to time. I am neither proud nor ashamed of this.

    Since the misfortunes of others, often of the comedian him or herself, are a staple of stand-up comedy, in fact of comedy of all sorts, I believe that almost everyone laughs at the misfortunes of others from time to time, you included.

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