“Natoor” because the word is “Nature”, but in French.

Ever since I did a post here mentioning the plan for a Disneyland London, Twitter has been regularly Twittering me a picture of this new Disneyland building in Paris:

“Stay at Les Vlllages Nature.”

I like the look from above of this Thing, and I especially like how it would appear that you can walk to the top on the outside, Snøhetta style. But it doesn’t look very Natoor.

One thought on “Natoor?”

  1. In 1999 wife and I took the brats to Disneyland California. Charming, expensive but worth it, clean, efficient, superbly maintained and managed. They parted us from our money with savoir faire, kindness and great skill. Churro? $2 US. Cold bottle water? $2 US. Bag of Doritos? $2 US. Photo of the brats on the log flume? $10 US. All with a happy smile and great service.

    We had family obligations in 2000 in Germany and to ensure the brats wouldn’t complain too much we promised them 3 days at Disney Paris.

    A horror show. Dirty, shit maintenance, look down a side corridor and find it filled with ancient dirt and rubble, rotting leaves and French employees smoking a joint and cursing foreigners. They took the worst of American and French culture and served us inedible shit hamburgers with undrinkable Algerian shit wine.

    Jesus H. Christ.

    After the “hamburgers” the brats rose in open rebellion and demanded we leave for any fucking place. We did, gladly.

    Is it better now? Dunno, don’t care too old to worry, the French attitude to customer service is too often disgusting. We had some excellent service there, but much, much, much more often in Krautland and Britishland.

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