If ever a sign needed a vocative comma …

That’s what Newcastle language teacher Mike Metcalf tweeted about the sign in this photo:

Quite right. Are we Satan’s Brainwashed Cattle? And must we wake up? Or are we supposed to wake up a flock herd of Satan’s Brainwashed Cattle, in the event that we encounter such a thing? Either way, I would have thought that it would surely be better for Satan’s Brainwashed Cattle to remain slumbering.

I don’t know where this photo was photoed.

3 thoughts on “If ever a sign needed a vocative comma …”

  1. Very sad I know but whenever you post saying you don’t know where something is I always enjoy trying to find it. I thought perhaps somewhere in the Midlands, since a little further down the street in the picture is a stand for IslamAgainstExtremism, which I know is based in Birmingham, (and they probably think Satan’s Brainwashed Cattle are plenty awake already! ). So I Google map searched Zaras and JD Sports in the Midlands but no joy. So then I tried the sign itself and now progress. The Yorkshire Evening Post reported our preacher with a smaller version of his sign in Leeds in April of this year https://www.yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk/news/people/leeds-shoppers-confused-man-sandwich-board-says-wake-satans-cattle-482840. And a Google maps search for Zara in Leeds reveals this to be the corner of Kirkgate and Briggate 52 Briggate
    https://maps.app.goo.gl/JJLhEBGpSmNqR1ov6. So yes I am sad but ain’t the Internet wonderful….

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