I like photos that look like abstract art but which are really of something real.

To quote myself (underneath the August photo there, of London Bridge station seen from above):

I tend not to admire Modern Art. It takes itself far too seriously for my liking. But I love it when real stuff resembles Modern Art. Explain that to me, somebody?

Still working out the answer to that one.

So anyway, it would appear that these guys, agree with me. They call themselves AAA (they arrange the AAAs more aaartfully than this), which stands for Abstract Aerial Art.

Quote (from this):

Taken from a top-down perspective, every aerial photograph we take is of a real place on our planet. We like to compose our images as artworks rather than traditional photographs. Other than slight colour and contrast enhancements none of our images are manipulated in any way. As we always say, “the point is not to work out what it is, but to show how weird and wonderful the world can look from above”.

Actually, not quite my attitude. I like explanations, locations, etc. But, I still like these images.

Here are a dozen (I picked four, then nine, then twelve) that I especially liked:

Here’s the equipment the AAA guys use. Drones. Calling 6k. (The link at the top of this posting is to an earlier posting I did re another of 6k’s drone-photos.)

4 thoughts on “AAArt”

  1. I’m still finding myself amazed by the different perspective that a drone can give you of any normal, everyday scene (although I’m well aware that some of these images aren’t necessarily that normal or everyday).

    If you want drone art, and it’s a man-made scene, I think the rule seems to be that it has to have some sort of symmetry or strong, repeated pattern. But those scenes are often difficult to find (or illegal to fly over).

    Best I can do on that score is probably this one: lemon trees and table grape vines.

    But I have high hopes for some stunning stuff this coming summer!

  2. By the way, it’s worth adding that not all of these scenes are man-made. Some are things like incoming ocean waves, or sand dunes, and such. See number 2 and number 4 of the above 12.

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