The Great Realignment is now up and running

I don’t mean the thing itself, although something along those lines definitely is happening. I mean the blog of that name. Earlier this month, I noted that The Great Realignment …:

… was there to be read. But at that time, there wasn’t a lot of stuff actually to be read there.

I only recently took a second look, and from now on I’ll be going there more frequently.
Because now, the postings are starting to pile up quite impressively.

I think the Guy Fawkesian Parliamentary explosion at the top is a bad idea, and also very misleading. The Great Realignment won’t put any sort of end to that place. It will merely fill it with rather different people, very differently divided and shouting different things at each other.

2 thoughts on “The Great Realignment is now up and running”

  1. Professor:

    Just so you know: (a) I’m not absolutely sure it’s a bad idea. Maybe the violence of it communicates disruption that is very real, even if rather fiercely.

    And (b) if it stays it certainly won’t stop me reading TGR.

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