Cricket at Beckenham

Today I journeyed out to Beckenham, to watch the afternoon and evening sessions of Day 3 of Kent v Surrey.

Warning: Do not follow the above link if you are allergic to pretentious writing. When Daniel Norcross writes about cricket he takes pretentiousness to a whole new level. What he is trying to say is that, even by the standards of the average day of county cricket, this day of county cricket was rather boring. But does he say that? Does he Samuel bloody Beckett.

This is how the County Ground was looking:

I photoed many more photos than that. I chose the above photos to give you an idea of how it all looked, in a general, scenic sort of way. That’s how it would look to a non-cricket fan. A cricket fan like me would zero in on the actual cricket, as I did in a lot of my other photos. But unless a camera is told to zoom in on that cricket, it simply gobbles up everything it is pointed at.

3 thoughts on “Cricket at Beckenham”

  1. I went to Beckenham for cricket for the first time on Monday (first day of this game). A very good experience – much more spacious than Surrey’s cramped outground at Guildford.

  2. Darren

    Hope you like the new blog. Ah, the bliss of people able to comment without the damn robots joining in.

    I agree about the Beckenham ground. Very pleasant. I hope to show more photos from the day I went (although I promise nothing).

    You also got a much more dramatic day of cricket than I did. A Surrey collapse and then a huge Surrey recovery. All I got was Surrey staying on top, and Kent remaining behind, but not letting Surrey really step on it with their batting.

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