Not again

Indeed. Spurs were cruising to defeat, but then, this:

One more goal and Spurs win.

Yes: Again. Moura scores a third at the death, and Spurs do win.

“That touch from Dele Alli through to Moura …”


But of course.

“If last night hadn’t happened, could tonight have happened?”

Good point.

LATER – Stephen Pollard:

Told my son he could stay up for the first half. If we stood any chance he could stay up for second half. So of course he had to go to bed.

How do I break it to him tomorrow? How do I stop him never speaking to me again?

Another good point.

5 thoughts on “Not again”

  1. If anything, Spurs’s unbelievable comeback was better than Liverpool’s unbelievable comeback.

    Liverpool played well in Barcelona and felt that the scoreline did not reflect the balance of the play. And they were playing at home. And they’ve had a terrific season and – well – they’re Liverpool. They have a track record.

    Spurs had none of these things. And then shipped another couple of goals.

    Mind you if Watford hadn’t shown the way in unbelievable comebacks a month ago would any of this have happened? I don’t think so.

  2. So, what’s the betting the Champions League final is a 0-0 draw of “unbelievable” or “incredible” (take your pick) dullness, settled with penalties, after most of the world has switched off?

  3. Patrick

    I know you were only jesting when you referred to the example set by Watford. Yes indeed, it was all that Liverpool and Spurs could talk about, at half time on Tuesday and Wednesday: “If Watford can do this, so can we!!!” Not.

    But in the Spurs case, this would actually have made sense. For Spurs to say “If Liverpool can do it so can we” was not that logical, for all the reasons you point out. Liverpool are a far more formidable football team and football club, compared to clunky old Spurs. Just because the mighty Liverpool did it, that didn’t mean that Spurs had a hope in hell of doing anything similar.

    But if you compare Spurs to Watford, it works. “If Watford can do it, so can we” actually does make sense. Because, compared to Watford, Spurs are quite a good side and quite a good club.

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