My first butterfly photo

I like how digital photography has replaced killing, as a way to collect wildlife. In particular (as I learned when preparing a talk I gave about digital photography five years ago), I like how butterfly collectors now collect butterfly photos instead of dead butterflies.

However, although I regularly wander about photoing photos, I have myself never photoed a butterfly.

Until last week, in France, on the same day as and about an hour after I photoed that Death in France photo, I photoed this butterfly:

I know. Not very impressive. And is that another butterfly, a dead one, upside down on the floor there? I rather think it may be.

However, a second later, this happened:

Is that two butterflies shagging? Do butterflies even do that? Butterfly necrophilia perhaps?

I have no idea what brand of butterfly this particular butterfly is, but it is rather fine, I think.

Originally posted at Brian Micklethwait’s Old Blog

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