The Shard and me photoing the Shard

Here are two photos that go nicely together.

First there is this photo:

Not the greatest shard photo ever taken, although a bit better of Guy’s Hospital, next to it. That is because it’s maximum zoom.

But now, taken with minimum zoom, with me standing in the exact same spot, pointing my camera in the exact same direction:

You can actually see the Shard in the faraway background.

I bought the Lumix SZ150, then the Lumix SZ200, and now my current SZ300, because these cameras all have in common that they have both quite impressive zoom for very distant scenes, and an quite impressive wide angle coverage on close-up scenes. Both features help a lot with architecture.

These two photos taken at the beginning of last month, at East India DLR station, on my way home from a photo-expedition.

Originally posted at Brian Micklethwait’s Old Blog

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