Roz is now being quoted

This is not an advert for a book. Well, it is, but that’s not my purpose in showing it here. My angle is my niece, the crime fiction writer Roz Watkins, who is quoted here, enthusing about the book:

The point being that, with what seems to me like remarkable speed, Roz has turned herself into someone whose opinion about other people’s writing is considered worth quoting.

I found the above graphic at her Twitter feed, along with her thanks for having been described as “the great Roz Watkins” by a grateful publisher. Everything about Roz’s public and social media presence says to me, and I am sure to everyone else who is following her, that she is very serious about her writing career. Deadly serious, you might say.

This matters, because readers of crime fiction need to know that, if they invest their time and curiosity and shelf space, to say nothing of their cash, in a leading character, this investment will pay off. The energetic and upbeat way that Roz presents herself says that there will be plenty more books about her lead detective. There is already a second Meg Dalton tale coming out next April, and if several more Meg Daltons do not follow, at a speed no faster than (but no slower than) is consistent with the maintenance of quality, I for one will be very surprised.

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  1. Roz’s Father comments and I reply:


    The “great Roz Watkins”. Are you sure that is our Roz? She does seem to be in demand and very generous with her scarce time. Roz took a couple of days to participate in a “Meet the Author” event to help keep our excellent, small local library going.

    There seems to be an enthusiasm for literary type crime thrillers with social issues e.g. assisted dying as part of the plot and in a way that encourages discussion.

    I get a few brownie points as “father of the author.” A local friend asked me to give a talk at the community hall on “how to raise successful children” e.g. Roz for one and an airline captain for the other. I had to decline, after being pressed to do it, on the grounds that I had no idea.

    I suppose that must be Roz?



    Posted by Denis Watkins on 17 November 2018



    Thanks for this. Yes, this has to be your Roz, or why would Roz herself have retweeted it, and said thanks? Besides which, is there another Roz Watkins? I just googled “Roz Watkins” and got nothing but her, which I never thought to do before.

    Do let me know if you ever get round to giving that talk about how to raise successful children. Maybe the secret is not trying to.

    Posted by Brian Micklethwait on 18 November 2018

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