Esa-Pekka Salonen says Bye to New York

I remember when there was no way to learn about interesting and admirable conductors, other than just listen to their performances and gawp at their photos on record sleeves. Now there is Twitter.

E-PS’s thoughts about leaving New York, as reported by the New York Times, can be read here.

And here is a photo taken by E-PS as (or perhaps just with which) he said Bye to New York, on June 15th. From a ship? An airport? A motorway service station? His Hew York home? A friend’s home? A friend’s boat? Here’s a horizontal slice of that photo:

Click on Bye above, and get to the original photo, as tweeted. It’s nothing special. Not super-high-definition. Not professional. Taken with his smartphone would be my guess. But so often, amateur photos like this can be amazingly evocative. They give you a sense of what the place is really like, when what the pros show is is what they want it to have been like.

The tallest tower is presumably the replacement for the Twin Towers. Which I miss, even though I’ve never been anywhere near them. Only seen them in movies.

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