Immobile but mobile – straight but crooked

BMdotcom doesn’t do video very often, but this actually immobile piece of graphics does a fair amount of apparent moving around, especially if you do any scrolling up and down:

Says Akiyoshi Kitaoki:

Each row appears to move. Each row is horizontally aligned but appears to tilt.

I made it slightly smaller than it was, but that hasn’t changed anything.

Originally posted at Brian Micklethwait’s Old Blog

One thought on “Immobile but mobile – straight but crooked”

  1. A characteristically informative comment from Alastair James:

    I’ve recently finished a very interesting book, Surfing Uncertainty (2016) by Andy Clark , a professor of Philosophy and Cognitive Science, which explains some of the latest thinking on how the mind works. The basic idea is that the mind is constantly predicting what is about to happen at a number of levels in parallel (e.g. high level that car is going to move to the left, at low level that line is going to cover up that colour) and doing error correction between the different predictions of the adjacent levels and between the lowest level and our incoming sensory data. Our conscious experience is a Bayesian best guess based on our prediction and the current sensory data. This explains very well both visual mind tricks such as these “moving” still pictures as well as things like cognitive bias in more intellectual pursuits. It’s also extremely computationally efficient in a world of uncertainty and is being used to make interesting progress in artificial intelligence. If you are interested in cognitive science this is one of the most interesting books on the subject I have read in a long time.

    Posted by Alastair James on 02 April 2018

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