Incoming from Michael Jennings: One for you.

It certainly is. Apparently, in Mexico, Uber is using drones to advertise itself, by having them hover, with signs, over traffic jams:

Drones to carry adverts, or signs. But of course. The possibilities are endless, and the probability is: lots of complaining, drone destruction, car crashes blamed on drones carrying adverts or signs, etc.

Imagine it. You are going at a speed considered too fast by the Big Computer in the Sky, so it sends a drone out to fly out in front of you, telling you to slow down or be fined. Or more probably, just telling you that you have already have been fined. Ah, modern life. Science fiction just never sees it coming.

By the way, what is that sign saying?

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    The city would be for you -not 5.5 million cars- to enjoy.

    Posted by Javier on 25 October 2016


    I think the next big thing is DRL or Drone Racing Leagues. It will be the bridge between the sports world and gamer’s. The main stream media such as ESPN has already picked up on the vibe.

    Posted by Drone Misfits on 28 November 2016


    I wonder how insurance companies in Mexico handle the coverage exposure, having a drone hover in traffic could cause an accident. Insurers in the U.S are reluctant insure drone businesses. The liability exposure is exponential… still a lot of unknowns.

    Posted by Chris Cuellar on 21 December 2016

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