Lady photographer doing it in the road

Blatant quota posting, in the form of an intriguing little photography scene right near where I live, in Vincent Square, this afternoon, as I was walking home. Many is the time I have taken photos through those railings, often of things like the sun on the Wheel, or of Big Ben which can be seen above and beyond the cricket pavilion (which you can just see on the top left here) on the far side of the square.

I like how the Vincent Square sign is included. This is the exact picture I took, no cropping, even though I don’t remember giving any thought to that sign. I think it was just luck.

Click to get it bigger.

I like the shoes that the ladies are each wearing.

More opportunist photography from me here. I took that picture only minutes before taking this one.

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One thought on “Lady photographer doing it in the road”

  1. 3 comments on the original posting:

    It looks so great (in composition terms), because it’s a dynamic triangle, like in ikebana: sign->blue flats->glasses on a redhead.

    I have to disagree with you on the other picture, though – that one is better un-enlarged.

    Posted by Tatyana on 24 August 2005

    Not sure there’s such a mystery about the second picture. The blue tape suggests it was stuck on someone’s back and fell off in the street. Another example of that sophisticated British humour.

    Posted by Harry Powell on 24 August 2005

    But why the plural? If it just said wanker, that would not be very mysterious. But “wankers?”

    Posted by Brian Micklethwait on 24 August 2005

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