Some art to be linked to from elsewhere

More picture sizing, and a picture of railway station graffiti which I have just been writing about for elsewhere. If a trackback materialises, that will be it.

Is there a special word for a link in a piece by X to another piece elsewhere also by X? There should be. An “ego-link” perhaps?

UPDATE CLARIFICATION: What is the difference between an “ego-link” (if that’s what it is called) and a Natalie, a usage which I first kite-flew here. The answer is that although a Natalie is definitely an ego-link, an ego-link need not be a Natalie. A Natalie is that particular sort of link which goes from a piece by X saying “I have a piece up here about dinosaur hunting when on holiday”, on X’s small personal blog to another piece by X on a big impersonal blog, or for that matter at a steam-driven website or mainstream media outlet.

Originally posted at Brian Micklethwait’s Old Blog

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