Look what I saw from the airplane

I almost forgot.

About a month ago, I spent a few days in France, with Goddaughter 2 and her family, way down in the south just beyond Perpignan. I sat on the left hand side of the airplane on the way down, and just when I had abandoned hope of seeing anything interesting, look what I saw!

That’s right, the magnifique Millau Viaduct.

My 10x optical zoom lens and anti-shake software, on my new camera, together worked a wonder. If anything, the zoom actually worked too well. This shot shows four towers, but there are seven in all.

This posting may come and go and come again. This is because I will be fiddling about with the size of the picture until the width is exactly right.

I’m still housekeeping, in other words.

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  1. Four comments on the original posting:

    Congratulations on the blogging resumption and the lovely new camera.

    I notice you can’t bring yourself to write “aeroplane” any more either. I used to, and I stick to British spelling in most things, but that really is a tough one – even though “aeroplane” is a more phonetic rendering of what I say, it looks so odd and old-fashioned.

    Posted by Alan Little on 21 July 2005

    Although the colour isn’t great – I presume to do with the grit on the window and, perhaps, haze – that really is the right angle to take pics of the viaduct from. It’s just a shame you couldn’t get all of it in.

    Posted by Patrick Crozier on 22 July 2005

    I tend to use “aircraft” myself. I didn’t consciously decide to do so, but I think I just followed the practice in the European aviation industry and trade press.

    And I got some great pictures of Iceland out of a plane window last week. I must post a couple.

    Posted by Michael Jennings on 22 July 2005

    Greetings from Australia, we say airplane or aircraft in this great land.

    How high do you think you were when you took the shot?

    It’s a wonderful image.


    Posted by Philip on 12 October 2007

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