I am in hospital

Not about to die, or I don’t think so, but yes, and trying to use my laptop.

What with me being in a weakened state, everything now takes twenty times as long, no matter how simple it would have been if I was at home.

This posting is just to check if blogging here now works. Wish me luck.

9 thoughts on “I am in hospital”

  1. Ugh.

    I suppose you could comfort yourself with the thought that this communication would not have been possible without the free-ish market.

    I hope you are not in pain and not in too much discomfort.

  2. Brian I am so sorry to hear this. Would you be pissed off if I said I was praying for you? If so, I’ll lie about it and say I’m not.

    I am also very sorry to tell you that I won’t be able to make your event on the 3rd. The reason for this is that I will be having an operation a few days later. Nothing life-threatening, but the hospital are paranoid about patients getting Covid. This operation is about the one reason in the world that would have stopped me being there. My husband will be there and I very much hope you will be out of hospital and feeling better by Friday.

  3. Best wishes Brian from all the Bells in France. KBO and get out of hospital soon. Really sorry I can’t make it for Friday, but M, A and E will be there as my proxies.

  4. Ouch. So sorry to hear this. Sending you all my best wishes, hope you’re back home soon and will get a fabulous celebration on Friday. I remember your Friday events fondly from ages ago, and would of course have loved to attend your event this upcoming Friday had I still been living in London or England.

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