Today I ate ice cream with a knife and fork

More socialising today. Returned home exhausted and had a sleep. With luck, fuller report with photos follows, although nothing promised. For now, this ice cream photo must suff-ice:

This was in something called the Duck & Waffle, which is way up at the top of a City of London Big Thing. I had ice cream and waffle, the waffle being the reason for the knife and fork. But this worked well for the ice cream also.

A spoon was also provided, and I did use this right at the end after the ice cream, which had begun very cold and solid, had melted.

One thought on “Today I ate ice cream with a knife and fork”

  1. Suff- ice: lovely!
    what flavor ice cream?

    the setting is…eclectic, stylistically. the marble top, the ice cream, the scorched whipped cream and the utensils and the water glass belong together, the “artistically crude” plate and the waffle – do not.

    Looks like you had a great time

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