Predator or prey – look at the eyes

I found this here:

Which I guess makes us humans predators. Makes sense. Many surely knew this and predator eyes and prey eyes, but I did not know this.

I further guess that fish are accordingly the ultimate prey.

3 thoughts on “Predator or prey – look at the eyes”

  1. I am surprised you didn’t know this, but then I am often surprised by what people don’t know. After this much time I should know better but I still expect everyone to know everything I know, even though I know that is unlikely to be true.

  2. Chuck

    Yes, learning obvious things like this when I am rather old is not the triumph it is when I learned things when young. When I was young, hey, I learned it! Clever me! But if I am old when I learn it, how come it took me so long? Stupid me.

    In my defence, I like to think that I perhaps know things that you do not, although I cannot now think what they might be.

  3. Well well. I just channel hopped on my TV into a scene from Jurassic Park, and there are dinosaurs behaving like predators, yet with eyes like they’re prey.

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