Dragons on the road map

Guy Herbert:

It’s the sort of #roadmap that has “Here be dragons” written all over it, isn’t it?

Yes. My part of Twitter is all: The politicians are tyrannising over us. I wonder. What if they are just scared? Of course, the second does not rule out the first.

3 thoughts on “Dragons on the road map”

  1. We came out of lockdown in early December. Covid cases skyrocketed. We then went back into lockdown a couple of weeks later. (There were other factors as well as leaving lockdown that led to that skyrocket in cases. Leaving lockdown was part of it, but I don’t know what proportion. Neither does anyone else). The powers that be are frightened that this will happen again and so we are not going to leave lockdown that quickly again.

    Whatever else, this is not difficult to understand.

  2. Spot on Michael. To me their strategy seems to be (concious or not). Watch R like a hawk and make sure the NHS doesn’t visibly reach capacity, which would be politically catastrophic. Both times they’ve eased up things got worse again quicker than expected. They ain’t going to do it again.

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