Engine issue

Via Instapundit, this:

Police in Broomfield stated on Twitter that they received reports of dropped debris in several neighborhoods …

One of the engines on a passing United Airlines plane exploded. The plane flew back to Denver and landed safely. Nobody was hurt either by falling debris or in the plane.

CNN reported that there was an engine issue. I’ll say. A Boeing 777 apparently.

Lots more social media photos, including passenger videos of what remained of the engine, at the other end of the “this” link above. No way anyone could pretend this didn’t happen.

Quite a story. The Guardian agrees.

3 thoughts on “Engine issue”

  1. This video of the engine in flight is rather remarkable.

    The model of the plane is probably less relevant than the model of the engine. It was a PW4000, made by Pratt and Whitney. The plane and the engine were quite old – mid 1990s vintage.

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