Sheff U beat Man U

Because of my fondness for 6k and his bloggage, and his fondness for my bloggage, my second favourite team in the football Premiership is now Sheffield United.

Who are now bottom of the table, but who this evening defeated Manchester United, now second to top of the table. I didn’t follow the game. I merely kept half an eye on the score. I was sad when Man U equalised, thinking: oh dear, that’s it then. But then Sheff U went ahead, again. Hurrah! But oh dear, they’ll still lose. Except that they didn’t. The blue 1-2 never turned into a blue 2-2 and then a blue 3-2. Instead the blue 1-2 turned into a yellow 1-2, and Sheff U had won. Anyone can now beat anyone, it would seem. And in particular Sheffield United can now beat anyone.

And so it begins. The torture of hope.

3 thoughts on “Sheff U beat Man U”

  1. Thanks, Brian. 🙂
    Your view on the game sounds just like mine while I was watching live.
    Yes, suddenly, anything seems possible.

    As a measure of just what a big thing that was, the last time we beat Man United at Old Trafford, I couldn’t go because I was only 3 months old. My dad was reliving fond memories of that game last night, though.

  2. SU will stay up I hope. I understand that Sean Bean (he of Sharpe fame and much else) is 100% Blade. The ‘chip butty’ song alone merits SU staying up. I can only imagine how SU would have fared with a raucous crowd to back them up. They were marvelous to watch pre-pandemic last season.

    1. As a lifelong fan, thank you.

      Yes, I think we have definitely missed the crowds more than most. What we lack in talent has been made up by the grit and determination of the players and the support of the fans.

      Hopefully, we can now relive some of those incredible moments from last season and organise The Greatest Escape ™ in recent history.
      Beginning this weekend… [checks notes]… away at Manchester City.


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