Waves reflected on the side of a boat in Belle Isle

Having the previous day taken off from London City Airport, I am in Belle Isle, off the coast of Brittany. It is the summer of 2014. The light is especially strong. I notice some reflections:

If I had never seen sunlight bounced off water onto another surface in this way, would I ever have imagined that it could look like that? Like some sort of net? Seriously, it’s like these reflections are constructed out of string, just like nets. The effect is particularly strong in the second of the seven photos above. There are even knots to be seen. Weird.

Reflections, eh? Make you think.

One thought on “Waves reflected on the side of a boat in Belle Isle”

  1. I noticed this too on boats a couple summers ago! I can’t find if there’s a term for it, or if anybody else has made a thing about it. Your blog is the only thing, aside from a few pinterest posts, that comes up when I googled “waves/light reflecting on side of a boat”.

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