Death and detail

Yesterday, my Senior Designated Friend and I communed with my lawyer, via Zoom (which my SDF organised on her laptop). All seemed to go well. I had been ignoring Zoom, until the lawyer said he needed it.

I had hoped by now to be blogging profundities, but am still at the stage of trying to arrange my affairs in such a way that, were I to die soon and without further warning, or perhaps become terminally incapable, those affairs would be, as they say, “in order”. It would be clear what everything consists of and who gets what, and what to do about switching me off, should the question arise. Thank goodness for the SDF, who is doing almost all of this arranging, and without whom I would now be in a state of gibbering uselessness. It’s an exhausting business, even though my contributions are only occasional. Maybe death soon, and taking care of details in the meantime, death being why that has to be done. I remember that same combination when my mother died. Death, detail.

Meanwhile, you must forgive the decline in blogging quality here lately, and the possible feebleness of a lot of the next lot of postings also.

The magic drug seems to be working. I think I can feel a definite improvement. But now I just want to rest up and let it work its magic.

4 thoughts on “Death and detail”

  1. Just following you from here to not disturb or cause any sort of bothering for you, but know that you’re in my thoughts every day and I do pray that you get better. Having been reading a lot of Marcus Aurelius, all I can say is that there’s a lot we can all learn from that kind of preparation and live with the certainty that our time here is not only limited but also with a mystery expiry date, perhaps that could help us show more affection not only for others but also for ourselves and our own affairs. I am glad to hear you’re feeling the meds working! Hopefully we will meet soon. My best wishes, Brian!

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