Brian is having internet problems

Michael here. Brian has some problems with his home internet connection and has asked me to post something to this blog explaining this. In terms of health, he is much the same as yesterday and he shall be resuming blogging as soon as he gets a new router, which should be in the next couple of days.

One thought on “Brian is having internet problems”

  1. Michael

    Thanks so much for posting this.

    The thing is, if you tell everyone you just got cancer, and then a day later you stop answering any emails or even posting anything, what might some people have thought? Me dead in a pool of blood in my kitchen, reaching in vain for my mobile? Well, probably not. But I am glad you were able to clarify things as soon as you did.

    Not that I recommend lung cancer and an internet/email collapse at the same time. When that happened it was a very bad moment, until I worked out what was needed, asked for it, and got it, and was able to avoid the worst of the consequences in the form of well-wishers fearing something far worse.

    Thank goodness for telephones. My speaking voice is also a mess now, but I manage to croak out the necessary imprecation to Michael and he did this forthwith.

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