Michael Yeadon: “SAGE is hugely mistaken”

SAGE being the committee of “experts” who are currently ill-advising the British Government.

Concerning the policy that this advice is now unleashing upon us, Michael Yeadon tweets:

Please spread far & wide.
I’m more certain than ever SAGE is hugely mistaken.
The PCR test has replaced the virus itself as the threat sweeping the country. Completely unreliable.
The number of people dying of respiratory illness Sep-Oct is LOWER than same period last 5y.

And there’s a brief video of Yeadon saying this, that’s more than worth the minute of your time that it will take you to watch.

If you have more time for this guy, and I have a lot of time for him, have a listen also to this interview with Delingpole. Early on, Yeadon asks people to look also at his piece for Lockdown Sceptics about What SAGE Has Got Wrong.

This interview includes, right at its start (in fact before it really starts at all), an amusing way-off-topic anecdote about the WW2 Avro Lancaster factory in Yorkshire, which was at a place called Yeadon.

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