The City Cluster – 2009 – 2015 – 2020

Left to right, 2009, 2015, 2020:

2009: Buildings and cranes.

2015: More buildings. More cranes.

2020: Just buildings. No cranes.

For now, I reckon it’s finished. Not finally finished, you understand. Just finished for now.

5 thoughts on “The City Cluster – 2009 – 2015 – 2020”

  1. Well, I go by cranes, and if you look very closely, you can see one small one in 2020, but nothing big. More a case of when I looked at the x4 original photo.

    Nowhere in London have I seen any new building work start or that seems to have started during Lockdown. I see work already in progress that is progressing, like in Battersea and Victoria Street. But nothing new. But that could just be because I haven’t noticed it.

  2. Alastair
    Sorry your typically informative comment took so long to appear. It was the websites which made WordPress disapprove. But my fault, because it told me all about it, but I was not paying attention.

  3. The Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre (historically interesting because it was the first enclosed mall in Europe, but a shithole) is going to be knocked down imminently. This is a mixed use development (lots more apartments, but also new premises for the London College of Communications, rebuilt above ground bits of the tube station and an interchange to the National Rail stations, plus lots of bars, restaurants, shops and other amenities to support all the other new housing that has been built in the area), and I think is therefore certain to proceed.

    A Bellwether might be Elizabeth House, the run down office building in York Road next to Waterloo Station. That was also due to be knocked down any moment, but the development there is meant to be principally offices. The market for those offices is possibly now non-existent. We will see if they proceed, particularly if all the other new offices across the road are now empty or emptyish. (WeWork are/were an enormous tenant there, so that is not promising).

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