A sound file with sound advice about photography

Testing testing:

Wow, that worked! First time. A long line with progress on display, just like the real internetters do. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I wasn’t expecting anything that good. Go WordPress.

The sound file is of me picking the brain of my friend Bruce the Real Photographer. His advice about photoing is very clear and down to earth. I did a posting on BtRP way back in 2006, which included this interview. Now I’m trying to transfer that posting across from the old blog to this blog. It’ll be a while yet before you see that, because the photo-presentation angle of that is complicated. But meanwhile, ff you fancy the idea, have a listen.

2 thoughts on “A sound file with sound advice about photography”

  1. This is an enjoyable listen.
    I am only an occasional snapper but I will be taking on board the Point of View and Crap Weather top tips.
    I already have the second in spades.
    Bruce the Real Photographer comes across as a splendid sounding bloke.

  2. Rob

    Glad you liked this. And yes, Bruce is a great guy.

    The crap weather he mentioned has to be crap but improving weather, otherwise it’s no good. Just pure crap doesn’t do it.

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