A mural on the South Bank – the context and The Photo

Yes, this is one of those the-context-and-The-Photo postings. The point is The Photo, and the photos that precede The Photo are merely there to explain a bit about where we are.

So, context:

And now, The Photo:

What made me want to post this was the effect of a regular painting not on a smooth surface but on a rough surface. To show that rough surface, I had to get close. But then, all context is lost, so see also: context.

Photoed by me on the South Bank, on August 15th 2015. So, exactly five years ago today.

Now I’m going to try to find out who did this mural. Google, google. Best I can do: grems. Is that Graham Prentice, who took the photos? Maybe. Don’t know.

4 thoughts on “A mural on the South Bank – the context and The Photo”

  1. 6k

    Many thanks for those links. Just what I was hoping for.

    The interesting moment will come when guys like this are let loose on entire buildings. I believe this is only a matter of time.

    To start with, they could let someone like this have a go on a building that is due for demolition. Which might then be a problem, because people might then demand that this new work of art, which they really like, not be destroyed. (I really must get around to doing that piece about why buildings are deliberately ugly these days.)

    Also, I have added “Colour” to the category list for this posting, which should have been there to start with.

  2. 6k

    And, as I should have included in the previous comment: sorry your comment was delayed by my blog software. I suppose it just doesn’t like links of any kind, fearing that they are completely off topic.

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