Tall bike under Blackfriars Station Bridge

A all regulars here will surely know, I love weird transport, especially weird personal transport. The personal transport doesn’t get much weirder than this biker on a very tall bike.

We’re under Blackfriars Bridge, the one with the Railway Station on it, on the south bank of the River. I was walking downstream. He was biking upstream. I had just photoed some buskers, in this busker spot, and he was just about to ride past those buskers. Because he was biking from right to left through my field of vision and through my photos, it would make sense to view the above photos by clicking on the right hand photo and then clicking the left arrow, rather than in the regular way where you start on the left:

That’s the tallest bike I’ve ever seen in its metallic flesh, so to speak. I mean, how the hell do you get on and off? From some sort of platform? What a palaver. I’m guessing he was some sort of entertainer, and I’m also than guessing that he knew exactly where he was going, and that all the clearances he would encounter would be taller than him on his tall bike. Although, with something that weird, all such bets are probably off.

I photoed this biker on his tall bike in October 2017, and I don’t believe I’ve ever got around to showing it before. If I have, then it is weird enough to bear the repetition.

Despite having walked along that part of the South Bank many times, I’d never seen this biker on his tall bike before, and I’ve never seen him since.

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