One thought on “Shard illuminated and reflected”

  1. I have also been doing walks around the area where I live, in a slightly different part of London to you, although (as you know) the edges of my neighbourhood do overlap with the edges of yours. That photo is taken of the Shard and its reflection in the pond/lake/water feature in Burgess Park.

    I have been mainly doing it in the evenings when there are fewer people around. I have been taking photos using the camera on my Samsung Galaxy S9 phone – one of which you grabbed from Facebook. Main takeaway from that – phone cameras are amazingly better than they were ten or even five years ago. One thing I like about taking photos using phones is that a photographer using a phone camera just blends into the background in the way a photographer using a dedicated camera does not, because everyone does that.

    Another thing – the air in London remains amazingly clear, and I notice this more when I look at the photographs later than at the time. I have been reading comments from other people observing that some places in France look very much like they did in art from the past. That is, the artists were making less of a stylistic statement than we may have thought, because a less polluted France really did look like that.

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