A power station and a young cat

I am doing a lot of photo-reminiscing here, aren’t I? Partly it’s You Know What discouraging me from going out, but partly it’s because I’m not feeling one hundred per cent just now, and that seems to happen especially after I’ve been out. So, I am doing most of my photo-wandering now in the archives rather than in actual London.

Here, for instance, are two photos of Battersea Power Station, from 2014:

And they still haven’t finished what they’ve been doing.

I did those two photos from just outside a pub. It had been a long day wandering, so I turned about and entered that pub. Where I encountered a cat, of the juvenile sort:

The photo on the left demands some sort of caption, doesn’t it? Something like: “Who knew I could manage so much piss in one go?” But that’s lager, which I quite like. Obviously, because I’m guessing I just bought it. It’s the regular, I’ll-have-a-pint-of-bitter type beer concerning which I suspect cat involvement.

On the right, it’s a very blurry photo, but it nevertheless tells me that the people who frequent this pub are nice to this cat, and are therefore nice people. The cat is curious about me and about my camera, and moves towards me to investigate. Had it already had bad experiences with people, it would have been more cautious. Friendly cat means friendly place.

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