The Screen of the Red Death – and transferring postings from the Old Blog to this New Blog

My Old Blog now, if you click on it, greets you with this graphic horror:

Which puts me in mind of this old Vincent Price movie. No passing reader who happens upon that is going to go any further.

This Screen of the Red Death stuff never happened while I was still posting things at the Old Blog, but it did start happening a few months back. Just as well this New Blog was already in business. Well, in pleasure, anyway.

Ever since I began the New Blog, on May 1st 2019, I’ve been occasionally transferring stuff from the Old Blog to the New Blog, mostly beginning this exercise with the most recent stuff there, but earlier stuff also. And a regular trickle of people coming here do seem to read postings that have been transferred from the Old Blog. Especially the postings I’ve done about Emmanuel Todd, these having been among the first postings I transferred. Anyone who knows how to automate this process and would like to earn some extra dinner money, get in touch. But, warning: transferring stuff from “Expression Engine” to WordPress is complicated. Which is why I am doing it, for now, by hand, so to speak.

One particular thing that has driven this process forwards is that if I ever want to refer back to a posting on the Old Blog, I want never to oblige readers actually to go to the Old Blog, but rather to be able to read the posting here, me having transferred it to here before linking back to it. And that can get complicated, as I may or may not relate (I promise nothing), in a future posting here.

My favourite posting that is now here but used to be at the Old Blog is, I think, this one about Two geese. Or were they ducks? Whatever they were, geese or ducks, they were having a romantic interlude beside the River, and I photoed them.

2 thoughts on “The Screen of the Red Death – and transferring postings from the Old Blog to this New Blog”

  1. Ducks or geese? So Google image search makes me think these are Egyptian Geese which are a kind of “Shelduck” which are midway in size between ducks and geese. It turns out that ducks, geese and swans are all part of the same family and the three terms are “form taxa”, i.e. based on similar shape not based on the species in each group having a single common ancestor. I did not know that. Read your blog and learn!

  2. Chrome’s nannyish shenanigans (A.K.A. red screen of death) notwithstanding:

    1. do you still have access to the old blog’s EE backend, and can log in there?
    2. if 1. == TRUE, can you add/remove/edit content and save/publish from there?
    3. if neither 1. and 2. == TRUE, do you at least have a full backup or the old blog/server (including the MySQL database)?
    4. if 3. == FALSE, can you get said full backup (do you still have access to the hosting server)?

    As an aside, if you were to turn off the reporting of EVERY SITE you visit to the Google mothership (that they call a “security feature” to warn you of dangerous perils), which in turns let your Chrome interfere with your navigation whenever it sees fit by injecting this big red scare, you’d notice that the old blog is still displaying fine. And not ‘tricking’ anyone.

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