Cover his face

The previous posting being about photoing facial features in a way that’s clear, this posting is about how sometimes, what with the Plague we’re having, that can’t be done:

Those photos were photoed on March 31st, with MI6 and related edifices to be seen on the opposite side of the River there, across Vauxhall Bridge. A lot of their jobs just got harder.

So, this Lockdown thing has actually been going on for quite a while now, around two months. And it’s been time to unlock it for quite a while now. Trouble is, most people are so thoroughly scared now, if not of the Plague itself then of being thought indifferent to it. And, keeping Lockdown actually seems to feel good to many. It’s a chance to show one cares by just doing nothing. It won’t feel so good when, for those not already fretting about such things, all the bills come due.

Get back to work, world. And please world, keep the public spending splurges to the minimum. It was the New Deal which put the Great in the Great Depression.

3 thoughts on “Cover his face”

  1. It’s the public spending surges that are the problem, not the lockdown. There should have been no bailouts of business. None. This is a different thing from bailing out people. Making sure that people had food and housing was of course important. Some debt forgiveness later is much better than sloshing around vast amounts of money now).

    I don’t think we are remotely at the point where we can safely relax the lockdowns – do so now and a lot more people will die. However, the government policy of printing lots of money and throwing it around makes safe policy unsustainable. Curse the politicians.

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