Silencing the many voices

I am in the habit of opening windows, each window with lots of open tabs, and of leaving them all open. Pocket (thank you again 6k) has been a life saver, because I can now close a tab and still have a record of it. But even then, I still tend to have a lot of tabs open, so much so that every now and again, Google seizes up and has to be restarted. At which point I get the magic option, if I’m lucky, to “restore” all the windows and tabs I had open when the seizure struck. Well, I want these tabs open, or why would they all be open? So, I duly restore.

At which point, if my loudspeakers have not been silenced, there begins a babble of voices, caused by several tabs immediately starting to talk. I’d paused them, but when they get restored, they forget about being paused. Or something. (If I perfectly understood all this, I probably wouldn’t have a problem.) The problem being, there are so many tabs open that I find it very hard to track down all these babbling voices. Recently, I have been switching my discretionary attention from television to things like YouTube and podcasts of various sorts. That has made all this far worse.

Now, as I type this into BMNBdotcom, I have managed to find and to silence all but one of these voices, but that one voice is persisting. I can’t find it. Until I do, the only way to silence it will be to silence everything. So I can’t listen to any other sound my computer is capable of producing, without this voice talking over the top of it.

My search continues. I’m not expecting any answers, but I would love it if some passing commenter could solve this for me.

3 thoughts on “Silencing the many voices”

  1. I don’t know about other browsers, but for me, in Firefox, a chattering tab has a small speaker on it. If I click on the speaker, it goes silent. It isn’t quite that easy in Chromium (and thus presumably in Chrome), but at least the speaker icon is there.
    Good Luck! Chris

  2. Chrisfromsweden

    Thanks for the kind words. I found it soon after I wrote that.

    I often find that if I do a blog posting about a problem I’m having, then as soon as I post it, the problem sorts itself out.

  3. Yep. Speaker icon on the shouty tab, and then right click the tab and select MUTE SITE.
    This should also carry through to restored tabs if Chrome does throw a wobbly again.

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