“The turquoise really was that turquoise …”

I love this photo:

For all the reasons he says, and particularly because of (see above) the turquoise bits on the left as we look.

And this lighthouse photo is pretty nice too. Again with the crashing waves.

Although, question. The acronym “RBOSS” signifies the excessive use of photo-editing to beef up photo-colours to absurd levels of colourfulness. And I also hate this. I always try to leave colours just as they came out of the camera. But what actual words do the letters R, B, O, S and S actually stand for?

2 thoughts on ““The turquoise really was that turquoise …””

  1. Hi Brian

    Thanks for your kind words.

    RBOSS: Ramsey Bay Over Saturation Society

    So named because the main/initial perpetrators were (and still are) on the Isle of Man Facebook page, and specialise in taking photographs of the sunrise over east-facing Ramsey Bay. And then adulterating it, horribly.

    If anyone has the patience, I did a long thing on it back in May last year.


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