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Scott Adams:

Am I the only person who thinks Epstein’s death makes it MORE likely we will find out the extent of his crimes? He wasn’t going to talk, but he might have kept others from doing so while he was alive.

In other words, nothing about this is now certain, not even that Epstein’s death will be “convenient” for a lot of people. Maybe it won’t.

But, what do I know?

Who will play Epstein in the movie? What a part.

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  1. I agree. There’s also the simple fact that you cannot libel or slander a dead person, so people who were afraid of talking due to threat of litigation (especially journalists) can now say whatever they know.

    Epstein was imprisoned in a hideous prison, and faced a life consisting of nothing but this for as long as he lived. The people running the prison were both nasty and incompetent, so the whole “suicide” watch this was a job. He therefore killed himself. Never blame on a conspiracy what you can blame on simple incompetence. This definitely applies here.

  2. The question of whether Epstein’s death will prove “convenient” is one question.

    How he actually died is a distinct and different question. I don’t know, but now incline towards murder.

    What Adams says throws doubt on the “convenient” theory, as in convenient for the Clintons and such people. But if Adams is right, Epstein could still have been murdered. Maybe to shut him up (this being the “convenient” theory), i.e. he was murdered by people who still thought his death would be convenient and were merely mistaken. Maybe he was murdered because other people in the prison thought he was a scumbag who deserved to die. Maybe he was murdered to stop him being any threat to people who want to talk about it all (the Adams surmise). Even if his death doesn’t result in any widespread truth telling, the hope that it would could still have been the motive.

  3. Somehow my original comment had a couple of sentences missing from its middle. It was just a general comment that elaborate conspiracy theories are not necessary, and that his having killed himself is very plausible. As you say, the possibility that it was murder but not something particularly elaborate – ie another inmate thought he was a scumbag – that’s possible too.

    I did ask a friend who is a forensic pathologist about this. She said that she has never seen a case where there is a broken hyoid bone and it is a suicide. So that’s one more for it being a murder

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