Closing scenes

Today I paid a visit to Michael Jennings, so that he could help me keep my mobile phone going, and so I could talk about a couple of blog improvements of the sort I’d like if they are doable. Our business concluded, we walked to a nearby pub, had a drink, and then continued walking through Bermondsey in the direction of the Shard, the City, and generally in the direction I had in mind to go on my way back home. We went our separate ways in Bermondsey. But such was the weather that rather than seek public transport, I continued walking, along the river and all the way to the Hungerford footbridges and Embankment tube station.

Not surprisingly, when I got home I was no state to do any elaborate blogging.

Instead, a few photos taken towards the end of my odyssey:

First, a view of the Wheel with an outcrop of the Queen Elizabeth Hall in the foreground.

In the second, we see a guy doing a video while skateboarding, under the QE Hall. What my photo doesn’t show is how fast he was going. How fast was that? Fast.

Finally, a couple of crowd scenes, photoed from the downstream Hungerford footbridge, of a crowd of people in a boat, and then of a crowd of boats, with a crowd of Big Things behind.

That’ll have to do for today.

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