A photo-expedition that started well and ended well

Today I went on a photo-expedition, my first big one since getting back from France. It went really well, but because it went so well, it also went on a long time, and now I only have enough energy to show you two of the many photos I photoed.

The first, before I got seriously started, while still on the way to St James’s Park tube, is of a crane of one sort making a crane of another sort:

That’s a process I love to see, but seldom chance upon. And because I got to stand right under all this drama, I got to see also how bendy the crane was that was lifting the big bit of the other crane into place. (I also got to think how it would be if that bendy crane snapped and everything came crashing down on top of me.)

And second, when the expedition was basically all done and I was at W.H. Smith Victoria buying the latest copy of Gramophone, I also spotted this:

It’s good to see that Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules is out in paperback, and even better to see that W.H. Smith Victoria now have it as their book of the week.

And then when I finally got back home, I learned that, because Arsenal conceded a home equaliser to Brighton, Spurs are almost certainly going to be in the Champions League next season. (When I left home, Arsenal were a goal up, and were surely going to win, with disastrous consequences for Spurs.) Goal difference. All down to goal difference. Spurs have to lose 0-5 in their final game, and Arsenal have to win 5-0, or some such implausible combination of nonsenses that surely cannot happen – touch wood and hope to die.

2 thoughts on “A photo-expedition that started well and ended well”

  1. dkj

    I have just “approved” this comment, but I don’t really, in the literal sense. I merely allowed it because this is a widespread view.

    Which I do not share. Peterson points young men is the three opposite directions to the ones you allude to.

    He is all the time searching for meaning, rather than nihilism, and helping those similarly searching.

    He is very supportive of women and of the empowerment of women, especially in his personal one-to-one counselling I believe.

    And he constantly talks and writes about how defining yourself racially, rather than being an individual, is mistaken. The “alt-right” hates him. They regard him as one of their most formidable opponents, and they are right in this.

    How much of his stuff have you actually read or listened to?

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