Battersea Power Station – 2005 – 2012 – 2016 – 2017

If you do four photos, adding very little in the way of verbiage, are they still quota photos? Probably, but what the hell. Today was hot, and this morning’s England v India test match finale was very tense. So this here’s your lot:

The Battersea Power Station is now smothered in cranes, so you’ll at once realise that the top two of these photos were taken earlier. 1.1, 2005, is a favourite view of many photoers, from Ebury Bridge, at the far end of Warwick Way from me. 1.2, 2012, was taken from the south end of Vauxhall Bridge. 2.1, 2016, how it from the top of Westminster Cathedral, in 2016. 2.2, 2017, is closer up, when I was checking out the beginnings of the work to extend the Northern Line, in 2017.

Whether you like Battersea Power Station or not (I happen to like it a lot), you’d surely agree that it is a very recognisable edifice, and I can understand why many regret that it is about to be surrounded by apartment blocks, of a similar height to the main body of the Power Station. But, that’s London for you.

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